Surrounded by gentle hills and valleys overlooking the sea at Hope Bay, and situated in 20 acres of beautiful forest, Corbin Local Wildlife is a hidden gem. Plentiful fruit trees and flowers attract all kinds of native wildlife – plantain, sugarcane, mango trees and wild heliconia are abundant, to name but a few. 

Wild caiman sunbathe on the banks of the park’s lily ponds, sally painters dash along the many trails and agoutis hop through the bushes. The park is a treasure-trove for birdwatchers – attracting hummingbirds, manakins, herons, mot-mots and jacamars. For more information on the animals you are likely to see here visit our Species List section.

In addition to the wild animals, the large enclosures in the park house many rescued and threatened species. It provides a protected area, with diverse habitats, essential for the preservation of Tobago’s native creatures. This safe environment, away from hunters, allows animals to breed and babies to be released into the forest when they are ready – protecting the natural wildlife which is under threat on the island.

There is more information on the background and aims of the project here.

About owner and guide Roy Corbin

Roy was born and bred in Tobago and knows the land and its wildlife intimately. He has been a farmer for over 30 years and is a source of knowledge on animal-welfare throughout Tobago.

Growing up, Roy was a hunter for many years, giving him a keen eye for the native inhabitants of the bush and a deep understanding of animal behaviour. Over time he noticed a decline in many of the country’s species which inspired him to stop hunting and begin his plans for the care and welfare of Tobago’s endangered animals. After training as a certified guide and working with environmentalists Ian and Lynn Wright to create a sustainable, diverse and species-rich habitat, this dream was finally realised in 2015 when Corbin Local Wildlife Park opened its gates to the public.

Roy’s enthusiasm for Tobago’s wildlife and vast knowledge of flora and fauna make him the perfect host for a tour through the forest and around the animal enclosures. Acting as the eyes and ears of the forest, he is able to seek out treasures of the land which would be otherwise be overlooked by most visitors. His passion for nature ensures our visitors don’t want to leave!

More about Roy Corbin.
Film about Ian Wright.

There is more information on the background and aims of the project here.

Corbin Local Wildlife Park (Corbin Local) is a charity established by Roy and Margaret Corbin and Ian and Lynn Wright.

The aims of Corbin Local are:

  • To research, demonstrate, promote, campaign and lobby for economically, socially and environmentally sustainable land management in Tobago.
  • To aid in the stimulation of debate between farmers, general public and governmental bodies on the importance of understanding and maintaining Tobago’s biodiversity.
  • To establish a flagship programme that can be replicated throughout the Caribbean which will give students, farmers and the general public the chance to appreciate the wealth of Tobago’s biodiversity and the importance of preserving its fragile eco system for future generations.

More about Ian Wright

There is more information on the background and aims of the project here.